How To Get Massive Twitter Followers in 2019

Twitter Followers

Twitter is back and better with their new interface just launch in some weeks back. The microblogging social network is ranked 6th position worldwide with 126 million daily users. The platform is growing rapidly and it’s more important to have a brand, grow it and engage with your respective followers.

Their platform is more useful with active follower’s count which will give you more credibility to your products and your content. This will make your business to stand on a solid background with long life span and earning you more happy customers.

Building followers on twitter is not easy as it seems though. It requires you to invest time and much marketing tactics to see great results.

With the right information you can hasten this process and make your twitter dream a reality in few months. So I will be showing you how to gain massive twitter followers in 2019. If you follow my step by step tutorial, you will be on your way in gaining many followers in few months time.

I know you will thank me later after you have started seeing result. So let begin.

Go beyond @mentions when interacting

Make use of search agents when performing searches running from various industry terms mentions relating to your brand. Be ready to follow and interact with users that tweeted any new tweet relating to your brand whenever you see it. It is highly recommended for you to make your search very specific so that you will only be interacting with users that care more about your content.

Tweet other users content

Endeavour to rebroadcast or share your favorite bloggers content and non competitors post. Ensure you tag them while sharing their content, (like retweeting). There are chances that they will follow you back if they see your @mentions in their feed.

Ask your readers to follow you

If you own a blog or website, make sure you Add Twitter buttons and call to action to your post. Always ask for your audience opinion on Twitter at the end of your article. This will connect you to your audience mind and encourage them to tweet and follow you.

 Make use of the right hashtags

Tweets with hashtags get 14% more engagement than tweet that has none. This will make your content be in front of more user s. You can make use of events hashtags like #mayday. For example if we add content with mayday hashtag on it and other user search for #mayday, your tweet will be among the results on the list.

This will in turn put your content in front of new twitter users and give you new followers afterwards. In conclusion, having good hashtag in your tweet is equal to having good SEO content on your blog or website. When you use these tags well, your tweets will always appear at the top of twitter search results for your desired hashtags.

Make your Tweet right by tweeting at the right times

Your tweet interactions can be monitored either manually or automatically. With the manual process you will be the one to observe all your tweets and know which time they perform best. But this can consume a lot of time and energy because you have to be on the system for almost the whole day.

Though there are various tools online that do this same job automatically, easy and fast. If you are the busy types or have less time to spend on your system, I will recommend you go for the online tool which does the interaction checking in minutes. They are a lot of them available but I will list the 5 best tools for you.

  1. Buffer
  2. Hootsuite
  3. Followerwonk
  4. Sproutsocial
  5. Socialreport

 Reply, favorite, retweet – Repeat on Daily Basis

Engagement is the only key way to get more followers on twitter . You need to engage with other twitter users by actively replying to, favoriting and retweeting tweets in your respected niche and beyond.

By so doing, you will appear in front of this users and this will make them follow you without hesitation. For example if someone is sharing your tweet often, you may want to do the same to return the favor.

Tweet Using photos, videos, and live video

Tweets containing photos, videos and live video have more engagement than tweet without. Studies have it that it gets 160% more than tweet without visuals, endevour you use visual whenever you are making a new tweet.

Make use of high quality images and videos because the clearer it is the more engagement you will get and the more chances of you getting new followers.

Offer support on Twitter to your customers

Make yourself available on twitter to support your customers and client. In cases when your client or customers want to reach you for help or assistance or questions about your product they can be able to reach you and get their problem solved. They may likely to follow your account after they get the support they needed.

Don’t purchases twitter followers

Never ever buy twitter followers. Purchased twitter followers are bot and they can’t patronize you on your goods and services on twitter even though it will increase your follower count.

Earlier this year twitter announced its cracking down on paid followers and it has already begun. So please take our advice paid follower is never good for you.

Follow people that are relevant to you

One of the best ways to get follower is to follow people that are relevant to you or your business.  Find people in your industry and follow them. They may likely follow you back when they get the notification that you followed them.

Make sure you follow smaller accounts as they are more likely to see the notification of your follow. Following a big brand like google will hardly get you a follow back because they get millions of notification in a moment and they may not noticed yours.

Run Paid Ads for Followers

Running paid ads for followers is one way to get twitter followers with less stress as twitter will do the work for you while they charge you for it.

If you have the money you can make this your best option as it’s easy and do not take your time. You can set your ads according to your budget and you can also target your desired audience.

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