How to Make Money Online in 2019

Make Money Online

Making money online is a task 70% of the world wants to complete. Over the years there have been thousands of people plugging from their offline job to earn a living online. While others combined their offline jobs with online to earn more money.

Making money online is never easy as people see it, don’t be deceived. Though some internet marketers will make you believe it’s much easy until you venture into it and discover is the other way hard.

But it can be quite easy if you are ready to follow instructions by top marketers and also ready to invest continually. The internet is not a rocket science as it needs a lot of money before you can start seeing good results.

The world is changing and the internet is also changing and getting harder by the day. But there is still task that you can do that can fetch you quite amount of good money.

So i will be showing you some tips that you can apply to still make money online in 2019. So let begin!

10 Ways To Make Money Online In 2019

Sell Digital Products

In 2013, I was so broke and I needed a way to raise money for my project so I decided to create a product. A course precisely with great information on health problem. I did little marketing and I was able to sell more than 3000 copies.

Product creation and selling has helped me so many times when I’m in need. You don’t have to be a pro to create digital products. Just think of problem in any niche, create solution to it. Compile it inside digital product like E-book or Video. Then make it go viral with marketing.

Blog Creation

Starting a blog is another crucial way to make money in 2019. Either ways you can create your personal blog or create for clients that want their business to have an online presence.

Creating a personal blog requires your time and marketing skill. A blog that has no marketing skill won’t succeed and that will make you unsuccessful. Your blog needs to attract audience for it to stand out among other blog. Let’s say if your blog is getting 30k daily page view and you put up an advert on it, there is 50% tendency that 15k persons will view your advert.

At this stage, you can make money with pay per click (PPC) companies like Google Adsense,, Propeller Ads, Info Links. You can also put affiliate banner on your site and see great results.

Mean while creating for clients does not have much work as it does not requires you time and marketing skill. All you have to do is to locate clients that are in need of blog for their brand, create a blog for them and they pay you afterward either through online means or offline.

Get Paid for Guest Blogging

When your blog has gained some popularity, both new and old blog owners will start sending you email that they want a guest post. If you don’t know what is guest post, guess post is when some other blogger writes a post and give you to publish on your own blog with a link pointing back to their site.

In this case, you can charge them for it then publish their post after you have confirmed their payment. Personally, I do charge around 50-100 dollar per guest post.

Build an eCommerce Website

Ecommerce has become one of the sure ways to make money over the years. The ecommerce market size is growing rapidly each passing day. In 2018, ecommerce grew 14.2% in the US. With large amount of people venturing into ecommerce on a daily basis, the demand of getting an ecommerce website has increase by 70%.

Newbie in the industry will always demand for ecommerce website and you can use this medium to offer the service to them. You can market to them, get a job from them and make money.

You can make money by building the ecommerce website for clients. You can also build for yourself, list your products, advertise and make sales.

Do Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a good means to make money whereby you get a commission for other people’s product that is sold through your unique link. There are thousands of affiliate marketing sites that you can register on but I will list the top 5 of them for you.

  1. ShareASale Affiliates
  2. Amazon Associates
  3. Ebay Partners
  4. Shopify Affiliate Program
  5. Clickbank

How to make money with Affiliate Marketing? 

If you want to make money from affiliate marketing, you have to register on affiliate marketing site. After registration, you will see list of vendors that are selling either digital or physical products. Message them and request to be an affiliate of their product.

Once your request is granted, you will be given a unique link that you will need to distribute either on your website or on social media. If any purchase is made through your link, you will be given a commission for that purchase.

Sell Advertising Space

Advertising space is one major way to make money for the website owner. It is done by placing banners on your site in exchange for money. They are numerous ways of placing banners on your website that can fetch you good money if you have attained some status of popularity.

The most 2 common ways to sell advert space is direct advert and pay per click (PPC). Direct advert lets you work directly with the advertiser. For example, if I am selling advertising space on my site coca-cola company can contact me directly for me to place their banner on my site and I will have to do it after I and coca-cola company have come to a conclusion in terms of price and payment.

For pay per click (PPC) the advertiser can’t contact you directly, you will have to register for a pay per click company who stands as an intermediary between the advertiser and the website owner. One popular example of pay per click company is google adsense.

Use Other Freelance Writers

We have gazillion of sites online already and thousands of people launching theirs on a daily basis. Most of the site owners can’t engage in writing for their site so they in turn hire people that can do the writing for them. This has made writing a lucrative business over the years earning professional writers more than $3000 monthly. Because of this freelance industry was introduced online and the first site I knew was which is a global market place for potential employer to employee.

One of the most popular services of freelance is writing which has a demand of about 80% and still growing.  You can still make money from this service even if you don’t know how to write. You can outsource this service, in other words you can use other freelance writers and pay them a commission from your actual payment.

Do Sponsored Content

Sponsored content is done by placing an article of your client on your website and creating a backlink to your client website in exchange for money.  This backlink can in turn generate traffic to your client’s site and also provide a link juice for the purpose of SEO.

Start a Facebook Group

A lot of money can be made with Facebook group if you can have patient to build it. Facebook group with large audience generate impressive engagement whenever a new post is being made on it. You can make money by sending massive traffic to your website from your facebook group or helping other bloggers, business owners advertise on your facebook group in exchange for money.

Sell Your Services

If you have a service, you can sell it to individuals or even companies and get paid in return. Advertise locally by going on radios, tv. You can also go digital using flyers, posters and hand bills. If you know about computer or the world wide web, you can advertise online using medium like facebook, twitter and intagram.

Outsourcing can come into place if you have no idea about the online world. If you are curious what outsourcing means, outsourcing simply means you hiring somebody in the industry to advertise online for you.

Sell Your Website

Selling of websites popularly known as website flipping is a technical way of putting your website up for sale after gaining value to it. Website flipping can earn you a lot of money if you devote your time to it. All you have to do is to get a website, give it value by increasing its popularity and put it up for sale. There are various online marketplaces that you can list your website for sale but the one I use is Their popularity and recommendation has made them stand out of the crowd. They have good customer service and a large audience comprises of buyers and sellers. I recommend flippa if you want to venture into website flipping business because I usually get my website sold in no time.

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