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How to moderate comment on blogger platform is the question so many newbie bloggers are asking because they are tired of the recent spam comments and bad links being drop by their readers and likewise bots that acts as real humans. Hence they want to put an end to it by moderating comments on their blog.

When i started my first website in 2012, a forum website precisely i was faced with this challenges. Then every morning when i wake up, all i see is thousands of spam comments that are unrelated to my post. The most annoying part is the adult links that will be left with it. Then i had no clue of blog commenting, so what i make use of is the delete button. This goes on and on until i get fed up and abandoned the forum, then it gets expired and i refused to renew it.

As a newbie or an intermediate blogger , readers commenting on your blog is one thing we have huge urge for. Comments on blogs is a thing of joy because it shows that your blog readers are really engaging. In recent years when blogging was given birth to, people comment on blogs just anyhow because then there was no effect of it. You can see a blog that have over five thousand comments on a single post.

Personally one of my blog use to get over two thousand comments anytime i make a new post and i was happy about it until Google made an update, which gives the awareness that not all comments are good for my blog. Hence the introduction of blog commenting.

In the update, Google made mention of spam commenting accompanied with bad links and thus how this can affect SEO in the long run. How it can derank your post from Google search result page and also de-indexed the post if nothing is done about it.

So today i will be showing you the different ways you can moderate comments on blogger platform. Without wasting much time, lets dive into the tutorial.  

How Can I Moderate Comment On Blogger Platform?

To moderate comments on blogger platform is not a rocket science, it’s what even a novice to the internet can do. If you want to learn this fast and easy, you have to follow the procedure below:

1. Login to

I guess you already have a blogger account? if you don’t have, create one or sign in using your existing account details.

2. After signing into the blogger dashboard, navigate to settings tab just below theme tab found on the left side of the page.

3.  Click on posts, comments and sharing under settings. Under comments Sub-Heading, you will find:

i. Comment Location: Leave it as embedded, so that the comment box can be placed just after your blog post.

ii. Who Can Comment: Under who can comment, you will have to thick anyone so that anybody who comes to your blog can comment.

iii. Comment Moderation: Under comment moderation, you will have to tick always so that your readers comment won’t appear immediately after they published their comments on your blog. This will enable you to decide whether to accept their comment or not. If you accept their comment, it will then show on your blog. But if on the other hand you declined it, it will never display on your blog.

iv. Show Word Verification: Under show word verification, click on the Yes and select No from the drop down option that will be displayed. Your readers might be stressing their eyes to read some codes and input it on a box before they can comment if you select the Yes option. You wouldn’t want that to happen to them.

v. Comment Form Message: This box is where you will pass a message to your blog readers before they comment. Example of such message can be “Do not spam us, post comment that is only related to the post above” or “Please no abusive words here, respect one another”. This option is not really that important as i usually leave mine blank. To add a comment form message, click the Add button that is by the side, input your message and save.  

How To Check, Approve or Decline Your Moderated Comments?

Whenever your readers drops a comment, it will not be published automatically as it used to be. The comment will be stored somewhere on your blogger dashboard so that you can review it an published it manually. So i will be showing you how to check your moderated comments now. All you have to do is to follow the below instructions and you are good to go.

1. Goto also known as blogger homepage

2. Click Comments tab just below the Stats tab on the left sidebar of the blogger dashboard. Note that the comments tab comes third on the list of the tabs found on blogger.

3. Under the comment tab, you will see 3 sub-tab which are Published, Awaiting Moderation and Spam.

i. Published: Here lies the comments that has been approved and already displaying on your blog.

ii. Awaiting Moderation: This are comments commented on your post that is waiting your approval or declining. For you to approve the comment, just tick the box in front of the comment. Click publish button if you want it to start showing on your blog post immediately, click delete button if you want to delete it permanently from your dashboard and click spam button if you want to move it to the spam folder.

Note: These three buttons publish, delete and spam is located on top of the awaiting moderation section. iii. Spam: This is where your spam or junk comments is placed. That is comment that are not related to your post or comments that  is dropped by some bot software.

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