How To Remove Broken Links from your Blog


Broken links is one things that usually gets me angry whenever i encountered it because it affects blog SEO big time. Hence removing broken links from your blog will be the solution to it. Every new blog is always free from broken links but as time goes on, they will start to appear. The cause of broken link is as a result of post that has link that is no longer reachable or link that has a page that is deleted.

Broken link is a bad factor when it comes to site SEO or ranking your site for search engine. A site with little or no broken links is free from Google hammer which can cause de-index and derank of post in Google search engine result page (SERP). While a site that has too much broken links is always hit with Google hammer and thereafter you will notice a drop in your rankings and thus see your post de-index if nothing is done about it.

Any site whether big or small can cause broken links to your site if the post you link to on their site goes down or get unavailable. This can also occur if the entire domain that owns that post goes down entirely due to hosting problem or when the domain get expired and the owner refused to renew it.

Removing broken link from your site can be a lot of work and it also time consuming. The last time i undergo the task of removing broken links from my site, it took me about 2 months to complete it with much sleepless night. That is because that site has thousand of broken link that came from a facebook fan page which got deleted by Facebook. Some site can take much more time to complete broken link task if the broken found on it is much than mine.

How Can I Remove Broken Link From My Website?

There are various ways to remove broken link from your site and also they are numerous online tool that can help you complete this task. For you to remove the broken links from your site, you need to locate or find them. These online tools scan your entire website and detect the broken link automatically, then list them in numbered when they find it. Among the numerous tools, i will list 5 best free online broken link checker that i use on daily basis which has help me so much in my broken link to-do. I recommend you use them also:

1. Online Broken Link Checker

2. Dead Link Checker

3. W3C Link Validation Tool

4. Power Mapper Link Checker

5. Check My Links Google Chrome Page Checking Plugin

How To Check For Broken Link: I am going to use online broken link checker as a case study though the rest look similar but with slight difference in their interface. So follow the below instructions to check for broken links:

1. Goto online broken link checker

2. After the page loads, you will see a box that says “enter your url below”.

3. Enter your homepage url (e.g. and click the find broken links button below. You will be ask to complete security code verification, put the code you see next to the security code box inside the security code box.

4. Then click “find broken links now !” button right below the box.

5. Then the online tool will automatically fetch the broken links and list them out. While this is going on, the page will scroll up automatically and it will stop once it has scanned three thousand pages.

6. Inside the result brought out during the scanning, you will see diverse broken links listed and the exact page to find them.  

7. Goto the pages inside your website and re-edit the post by removing the broken links that was detected by the broken link checker tool.

NOTE: That you have to repeat step number 7 for all the pages that has broken links on your site till you are sure there is no page having broken links. Also put in mind that it is recommended that you re-scan the page with the broken link tool until the tool finds no broken link on your website.

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